Friday, October 27, 2017

Research Project Proposal -- Geothermal ANYWHERE

Research Project Proposal
 Geothermal Electricity Generation … Anywhere

Over the last 10 years, I have become an enthusiastic advocate for geothermal energy ( I’m a member of the GEA, have visited working geothermal plants (Calpine in California), attended conferences, lobbied DOE and legislators and bored my friends and colleagues to death describing the huge, strategic benefits of geothermal energy, especially for generation of electricity.

Having moved back to my home state (Indiana) a year ago, I am more and more convinced of the long term need for projects to develop and realize geo anywhere. January Scientific American included an article, “Top Air Polluters” (p72) whose accompanying chart draws a circle around southern Indiana, southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Although they provide their owners with steady profits from oil, gas, coal and coke as commodities, and, by the way, electricity, these fossil fuel plants are the top 10 environmental villains.

The deep geo industry (including exploration, drilling, provision of regional electricity) is very healthy. The industry itself sponsors advanced technical & engineering innovation, but of course it goes where proved resources are and where the work is. Many countries and locations with obvious natural circumstances (Iceland, Northern California, Hawaii, Nevada, Philippines, Kenya, Turkey, Peru, Chile) are exploiting it. Meanwhile, advanced technology – perhaps to generate electricity and heat from within the well itself, perhaps at depth, perhaps within advanced pipe structures themselves – is needed to go deeper. “U-pipe, two-pipe or pipe-in-pipe” could be developed to deliver heat and generator mass/velocity perhaps from air in, air out in addition to water in, steam out and to provide advanced structural integrity for extreme depths and heat.

The market based on this new technology might provide storage and supply regional electricity ANYWHERE/ALL THE TIME instead of just where it is convenient to the surface. Perhaps creatively drilling 10K deep x 2-3 meters could be made “normal”. (Tunnelistas everywhere know it can be done.) Insert the proper pipe structure, attach/embed “windmill”, pump electricity and/or heat in addition to steam – and  replace a fossil fueled plant on-site. It has been done with current technology.

As we know, a key economic and environmental benefit of geothermal is that it has none of the fossil and nuclear fuel “externalities” – mining, refining, storage, transport, site storage/delivery, & waste disposal – with all their own costs and environmental impacts. Unlike solar & wind, geothermal supply is constant, 24/7/365, and produces more energy from a smaller footprint than conventional or other renewables. Deep geothermal can even be executed on the sites of existing fossil-fuel plants or military sites. Infrastructure! Defense!

The Hoover Dam, TVA, …, and Project Apollo were impossible till Federal funds were provided and research was applied. The spin-off rewards (scientific innovation, technology, infrastructure, jobs) from those projects continue to accumulate. Project Apollo reached to the heavens, and we continue to harvest its benefits. How about harvesting even more with Project “Pluto”, right here beneath our feet.

Indiana offers a wonderful experimental center for this research in addition to the opportunity to directly replace fossil fuel generation. Purdue engineering, Indiana geology, Ball State’s development experience and, of course, the talent and business experience involved in Indiana manufacturing and IT offer an enviable laboratory setting for such development. Let’s get started.

Credit: Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez; Sources: “America’s Super Polluters,” By Jamie Smith Hopkins. Published online by Center for Public Integrity, September 29, 2016
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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A new, Earth-like planet!!!

One of the weirdest phenomena today is the focus on the discovery of an "earth-like" planet circling a star 5 light years away. Or, occupying Mars!  We -- humans for the next 1000 years or so -- won't be able to jump aboard an escape ship and go anywhere more beautiful and suited to our species than Earth. We evolved HERE, on Earth and are so overly successful that we're ruining it for the future. Now, "ruining it" just means for our species and thousands more. Life on Earth will evolve as it has for a few billion years with or without us. If we keep multiplying and creating unabsorbable Stuff at the rate we are, our future as a species won't last long enough to get to another millenium. Sooner or later "we"'ll only be living in "survival suits". Again, it's no "emergency" today -- only for those in the future (our children's children?). Who cares?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Coast Guard Hudson River docking proposal ... how to comment.

Tracking number: 1k0-8qtq-v0fk

The proposed Newburgh docking area across from Dennings Point State Park and bird sanctuary is directly intrusive in the culture of the area.

Dennings Point and the hiking trails connecting it to the surrounding natural areas use the whole aspect of the last 40 years of Hudson River cleanup to educate visitors and friends in natural water management. Yes, the Hudson is a commercial highway, but it is also a treasured natural resource.

Why not put the anchorages near the fossil fuel plants upriver? Yes, the oil storage facility at Newburgh is commercially important, but it is "deliver and go". The Beacon-Newburgh "bay" is a frequently used area for environmental education, pleasure boating, entertainment and scenic views.

I am a member of the Beacon Sloop Club and Clearwater both of which use these waters for environmental education, sailing skills training and public enjoyment. Their work and that of their founder, Pete Seeger, have been instrumental in the implementation of the Clean Water Act and the clean up of the Hudson. Today, River Pool at Beacon floats in the Hudson where the water has become clean enough to swim. I return on August 6th for my eleventh Newburgh to Beacon Swim in support of that effort.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Deep Geo Proposal Proposal

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Grant & development opportunity: Geothermal
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2016 16:59:18 -0400
From: Vane Lashua
To: Mitchell Daniels
CC: Chip Orben , Dan Parker

The Office of Purdue University President Mitchell Daniels

I would like to meet with President Daniels to discuss the potential role of Purdue in a project to engineer, make available and use geothermal energy for electricity generation virtually anywhere in the US. Among "renewable", fossil and nuclear sources of energy, geothermal is the cleanest and least expensive -- and it is unlimited and uninterruptible. Such a project would be on the scale of the Ball State geothermal project, BUT would explore and define a more extended role of geothermal energy.

Having moved back to my hometown in January after 45 years, I am interested in championing both the immediate economic opportunity for the state and the long-term benefits for the environment. Over the last eight years, I have worked with Geothermal Energy Assn. staff and members, met with Department of Energy leaders and staff and lobbied in Congress to educate myself on the possibilities.

To borrow part of an email I sent last week after a meeting with Duke Energy (Chip Orben)  & head of the Fayette County Economic Development Group (Dan Parker),
... proving the universal environmental and economic benefits of geothermal electricity generation would also have dramatic positive impacts. Doing "good" that brings economic, environmental and social benefits, multiplies the benefits to its contributors. That, I believe, can be part of the "ask" to Duke Energy Indiana, Purdue, IU, the State and the DOE: "Let us explore and demonstrate a proven sound, strategic and economical means of clean energy generation that will benefit the Earth, our economy and your bottom line -- right here in Indiana."
Looking forward to discussing geothermal research possibilities,
C. Vane Lashua
1504 West 7th Street, Connersville, IN 47331

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Praise Geo.

Subject:Re: April 26 Briefing - Renewable Gas, Hydropower, and Geothermal:
What is the role of these often overlooked renewable resources?
Date:Tue, 24 Apr 2012 19:39:36 -0400
From:Vane Lashua

Ms. Cooper,
Your announcement arrived on the 18th, and I overlooked it. I could not have a ended the briefing anyway. I am a ending a conference ( ) in Syracuse, NY, the evening of the 26th and all day the 27th.

Will the EESI program be streamed or recorded? I would very much appreciate a link.

Meanwhile ...

Often, as in the conference I am attending and below, the generic "renewables" is supposed to include bio-fuels, solar, wind, Geo and hydro! "Renewable" only works with library books.

What I'm most concerned about is that Geothermal power generation (Geo) is seldom recognized as the most cost-effective, least polluting, least resource-intensive AND most endurable alternative to nuclear, coal, gas, petroleum, wind and solar for base/regional power generation. Except for the negative environmental impacts of artificial reservoirs and its dependence on a continuous water resource, hydro is the only competitor to Geothermal.

That probably sounds like a baseless proposition if one were to base judgment on the truly baseless and dismissive assertion, "... the hot temperatures required for power generation are found primarily in the West", contained in your description of it and in most other summary assessments. Please don't take offense. The President, the Administration, Congress and most of the rest of us ignore or are innocently ignoring. Absurd coal, gas and oil commercials don't help: "America's Fuel: Clean Coal" or "Clean Gas" or "fulfilling the promise of energy independence" or "energy for the next 80 years".

Unfortunately there are no commercials for "unlimited power less than ten miles from everywhere on Earth" or "no GHGs, particulate free!" or "energy for the next billion years".

Once a Geo plant is established, everything except the wires are on-site. All generating equipment and processes are conventional and virtually identical with any other plant that boils water and turns a turbine.

"Fuel" is underfoot. Ownership can be private or public, self-supported authorities -- like water and sewage plants, toll roads, bridges or the Hoover Dam. Production of Geo is not based on direct or services-oriented income and profits from mining, drilling, refining, storage, transportation, re-storage, processing, burning, and trading commodities simply to boil water. The cost of the electricity produced through Geo is not based on markets.

Energy Independence? Every airport and every domestic military base could produce its own power and power its neighbors. Plants situated on public lands (even Interstate rights-of-way) could provide most of our needs. And don't let Halliburton, Exxon, BP or any of the others to tell you, "It's too deep" ... they drill to the required depths regularly. Can't the drilling cause earthquakes? Think about highway and subway tunnels, aqueducts and ... oil and gas wells all over the world.

There is no, one alternative for our energy needs, but for regional/base electrical power supply, there is none better than Geo.

Please pass along my comments, if you would, and see (for references) and/or (policy).

Praise Geo,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

50 Years Ago

Reflecting on my 50- & 49-year-ago rides, 1968 graduation and those gathered yesterday to watch this year's Little 500 bike race (:-(postponed), I was the oldest person in the bar. The second oldest graduated in 1978. Everyone else was from 2005 or later.

Then I tried to think what "50 years ago" meant to me when I rode in that race ... 50 years ago was 1915! Pre-WW ONE! OMG! THAT, then (and now!) was really OLD! It's humbling to imagine what the 2014 grad thought of 1965!

An aspect of "perception of age" I hadn't considered much -- that continually changes it dramatically -- is the spectacular increase in communications tools. How has perception of history -- and age -- changed because of electricity (widespread use, of course), cameras = photographs, movies, airplanes, transportation (cars, manufacturing tech., diesel, trucks, paved highways, interstates ...), tertiary education, records, radio, printing technology (magazines, newspapers with pictures), television, computers, copiers, satellite communications, magnetic tape, email, internet, cable, gps .... ?

Friday, July 10, 2015

DCCC: Outraged yet?

I'm outraged that the DCCC would consider this as a marketing ploy. The pay of professional athletes is ENTIRELY marketing-related. The Yankees pay based on the draw an athlete creates. Period. The women's soccer team was extraordinary ... so were the performances of our Olympic athletes. Meanwhile, world soccer is very much like baseball in the US. Players get paid for their ability to draw an audience, the corporation to receive the benefit and to write a paycheck. Nothing to do with equal pay for equal effort.

Democrats 2016 wrote on 7/10/2015 11:06 AM:
> Politico: Women's World Cup team paid nearly 40 times less than men
> Outraged yet?
> If you believe women across America should get equal pay for equal work, sign your name to demand Congress close the pay gap.
> NAME: Carl Lashua
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