Sunday, June 17, 2012

Making oxygen on Mars

No amount of wealth can defy the laws of nature. Human kind is inevitably tied to earth. There is no other earth, at least in this dimension, and escape is not virtually, but actually impossible. It is a long way from migration out of Africa and eventual overrunning of the planet to escape. Escape from what? Ourselves. Humanity. Earth. It's much easier to eliminate carbon in earth's atmosphere than it is to make oxygen on Mars.

Sierra Club Alternatives

Lisa ... in addition to solar, I hope you have an open mind about other alternatives. I am passionate about deep geothermal. Much of the rest of the world is taking note of deep geo's potential for reducing GHGs while providing regional electricity. I just spoke to Nancy Pelosi last evening. She is a proponent because she knows that 25% of northern California's power comes from deep geo. Every airport and military base in the country could provide its own power, 24 hours a day and not emit a whit of carbon. We need a project in the Northeast to demonstrate that we can harness the unlimited energy beneath our feet. I propose we use Stewart Airport (and National Guard Airbase) as a demonstration site for a truly pollution-free, unlimited, 24-hour-per-day power plant. They're already out there, but the oil, gas, coal, nuclear -- and solar & wind -- industries poo poo the possibilities here because "it's too deep". Ask Chevron whether "it's too deep" to drill -- to any depth where there's oil.

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Lisa Dix, Sierra Club wrote:

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Dear Vane,
Tell Albany to Show Leadership for Solar Jobs in New York 
Take Action!
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We have just days to make New York's solar energy potential become a reality!
Both Governor Cuomo and the legislature have proposed good solar energy policies but they only have until next week to come to agreement on the details. The solar energy policies, if made into law, could produce enough energy for 400,000 homes and create as many as 17,000 jobs in New York.1
We have only one week to ensure Albany passes strong solar energy policies. Let our elected officials know you want New York to be a solar energy leader!
Tell the legislature and Governor Cuomo to show leadership for strong solar energy policies that create jobs, stimulate the economy and protect our environment.
Replacing energy from dirty coal-fired power plants with solar energy is one of the best ways to protect our health from air pollution while strengthening the local economy.
We have a huge opportunity to move New York towards a clean energy future thanks to the  4,000 messages we've already send to Albany in support of  strong solar energy policies. Help get the job done!
Send a message to Albany and Governor Cuomo to support solar legislation that puts New Yorkers back to work and protects our environment.
Thanks for all you do to protect the environment,

Lisa Dix
Senior NY Beyond Coal Campaign Representative
Sierra Club

P.S. After you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends and colleagues!
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1.) Strong Solar Policy Would Boost NY Economy Clean Techies, 6/2012
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Political Donations could be Public Grants

12:25 PM 6/15/2012
Miriam & Sheldon Adelson $35mm to PAC ... what could you buy for that?

Why don't politicians turn the donations into public service grants ... open a new school, create a deep geo plant?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Is Karma Reward Enough?

Is karma reward enough?
Aristotle distinguished six kinds of social structure in three pairs:
A state with only one ruler is either a monarchy or a tyrrany;
A state with several rulers is either an aristocracy or an oligarchy; and
A state in which all rule is either a polity or a democracy.

In each pair, the first sort of state is one in which the rulers are concerned with the good of the state, while those of the second sort are those in which the rulers serve their own private interests. (Politics III 7) ***

Is "the good of the state" assumed to be "the common good"?

Of course. And the common good must include the able, the healthy, the disabled, the sick and suffering. The selfish and greedy must be left to their own doing as long as they do not infringe on the common good. Are the sick and suffering, the selfish and greedy?