Monday, August 27, 2012

Hades ... Go to hell

Hades is a proof of concept project to launch the next generation of geothermal electrical plants producing NO GHGs (CO2, shale gas, ...) and unlimited, eternal energy. The US geothermal electric capacity is already the world's largest but remains dependent on heat reserves relatively close to the Earth's surface. To exploit Hades beneath New York and New England requires -- and challenges -- the best of the best.

NASA and DARPA, partnered with existing industry expertise energized by the likes of Cornell, Columbia, RPI, MIT, CSM, Purdue would embrace Hades like they did Apollo and the internet to discover and share new ways to tap Earth's  unlimited heat resource. Like Apollo & internet, Hades would uncover new and unique technical and engineering advancement. Hades would underlie a truly sustainable energy future for human life on Earth. Partnered with conservation, geothermal, wind and roof-top solar, Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) can cost-effectively replace virtually all dirty and dangerous nuclear, coal, oil, gas generation capacity within a few decades.

Transforming Hades into a rich resource that would literally power the future, project Hades would create (and replace) jobs, stimulate research and demonstrate how to create a reliable, unlimited working resource. When oil and gas were first discovered in Pennsylvania, thousand foot wells were only dreams. Today, oil and gas wells are drilled in Texas and offshore to six or seven miles. Those resources are limited. Their waste has changed the planet. The Earth's heat will never run out and produces no harmful waste.

Ideal sites for such a project might include Stewart Field, one of New York City's five regional airports. It is both a commercial airport and a critical military air base surrounded by extensive publicly owned land and a host of capable "human resources". It is expected to become a new rail transportation hub as well, bringing the west side of the Hudson to NYC. The Hades project would design and develop a model methodology and engineer a working plant for exploitation of Hades, an unlimited resource within five or ten miles of everywhere on earth.

"If we can make it there, we'll make it anywhere; It's up to you, New York."

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