Thursday, November 8, 2012
 is a great article.  As usual, the wealthiest -- nations and populations -- are the most irresponsible when it comes to fouling our nest on planet Earth. We foul the most because we have created and continue to support the Energy Industrial Complex. The EIC mines, drills, refines, stores, trades and sells, transports, and stores hydrocarbons -- coal, oil and gas -- or uranium. All that, BEFORE it can heat or cool our homes or boil water to generate electricity. It's time to move on from "burning our own fences" as Thomas Edison said. It's time to stop fouling our nest. It's time to understand and use the unlimited power within 10 miles of everywhere on earth -- straight down. Geothermal heat does not foul our nest ... it has made human life possible! Whether tapped from close to the surface to be used directly for heating and cooling or from further down to boil water to generate electricity, it is entirely local, clean and an unlimited resource. It's not the only answer to cleaning up our nest, but along with solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind and hydro used appropriately, it can replace the dirty old EIC.

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