Monday, January 14, 2013

James Hanson, re: GalileoFirefly

Thank you for your newsletter (last, The story about WakaWaka is inspiring.  It wouldn't hurt if we gave a WakaWaka to every school-child in the world and turned off all the lights! Meanwhile, I am ramping up a marketing effort to get EGS on the federal policy agenda. Switching to WakaWaka from the kerosene lantern is a great metaphor for switching to EGS from commodity burning to generate base-load regional electricity!

To give us light, those kerosene lanterns required a whole GHG-spewing, addictive supply chain that grandpa tended to forget about or ignore -- drill, refine, store, transport, store, divide, retail, deliver -- because it seemed the most productive solution to his need.
Every time it ran out of kerosene, grandpa paid real money embedded with profit to a capitalist for some more. Remember the smell and smoke (GHGs)? The Commodities Industrial Complex was already in place to serve and profit from him as it does much more insidiously and profitably from us, here in the office electrified with commodities & their GHGs, all warm and cozy, lit up while we drive our computer and internet.

EGS, like WakaWaka, once manufactured, installed and "connected" to an unlimited, GHG-free energy supply
(within 10 miles of everywhere on earth), could light the night forever.

Below is a copy of a recent email regarding EGS I wrote last evening to a former neighbor, recently appointed District Leader for Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney. With the help of Congress, NY and the DOE, I believe we could start Project Hades sooner rather than later. Maybe within the length of time we replaced steam with diesel, we could generate all our electricity GHG-free.

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