Monday, January 28, 2013


Often overheard in "green" messages, the generic "renewables" is used to mean bio-fuels, solar, wind, Geo and hydro! "Renewable" only works with library books.

Geothermal power generation (Geo) is seldom recognized as the most cost-effective, least polluting, least resource-intensive AND most endurable alternative to nuclear, coal, gas, petroleum, wind and solar for base/regional power generation. Hydro is the only close competitor to Geothermal -- except for the negative environmental impacts of artificial reservoirs and its dependence on a continuous water resource.*

That probably sounds like a baseless proposition if one were to base judgment on the truly baseless and dismissive assertion, "... the hot temperatures required for power generation are found primarily in the West". The President, the Administration, Congress and most of the rest of us ignore or are innocently ignorant of the enormous potential of Geothermal power generation (25% of Northern California's power comes from Geo; Nevada is the fastest growing developer!) and the enormous long-term environmental and economic burden of the "commodities industrial complex".

Misleading and sometimes absurd coal, gas and oil commercials don't help: "America's Fuel: Clean Coal" or "Clean Gas" or "fulfilling the promise of energy independence" or "energy for the next 80 years". Unfortunately there are no commercials for "unlimited power less than ten miles from everywhere on Earth" or "no GHGs, particulate free!" or "energy for the next billion years".

Once a Geo plant is established, everything except the wires are on-site. All generating equipment and processes are conventional and virtually identical with any other plant that boils water and turns a turbine, except that the "fuel" is directly underfoot. Ownership can be private or public, self-supported authorities -- like water and sewage plants, toll roads, bridges or the Hoover Dam. Production of Geo is not based on direct or services-oriented income and profits from mining, drilling, refining, storage, transportation, re-storage, processing, burning, and trading commodities simply to boil water. The cost of the electricity produced through Geo is not based on commodities markets.

Energy Independence? Geo has the proven capacity to supply all future base-load electricity for the US -- no kidding. Every airport and every domestic military base could produce its own power and power its neighbors. Plants situated on public lands (even Interstate rights-of-way) could provide most of our needs. And don't let Halliburton, Exxon, BP or any of the others to tell you, "It's too deep" ... they drill to the required depths regularly. Can't the drilling cause earthquakes? Think about highway and subway tunnels, aqueducts and ... oil and gas wells all over the world. There is no one alternative for our energy needs, but for regional/base electrical power supply, there is
none better than Geo.

For more, see (for references) and/or (policy).
* (seminal research)

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