Thursday, July 25, 2013

GHG-free Electricity & Heat -- A Not So Modest Proposal

Complete elimination of green house gases (GHGs) from regional electricity and district heat production in the US over the next few decades is a real possibility supported by current research. The creation of, finding partners in or joining a project whose mission is to define policy statements, create project plans and economic models, and promote legislative action to enable that prospect is my personal goal.

Current political, policy and legislative impediments would obviously be part of its scope.

Based on objective and achievable research, science and economics, it would include
  • goals and impacts,
  • an open, dynamically modifiable project plan,
  • on-going research and engineering needs,
  • quantitative and qualitative measures of progress/change,
  • alternative models and measures
  • transition issues

Transition issues include current and on-going impacts on local, regional and national economies and populations. The plan would envision positive modes for the transition of and impacts on population centers, families, health, education, businesses, industries, infrastructure and, of course, jobs currently involved in the exploration, creation, packaging, delivery and burning of nuclear, coal, oil and gas for production of heat and electricity.

The project would NOT be advocacy for a particular technology or resource though personally I AM an advocate for expanded support and use of geothermal for electricity generation as well as for integrated household, commercial and district energy savings.

The New, New Deal for further explication and references.
To sponsor or support this effort, contact me via email.