Thursday, October 31, 2013

Unlimited energy from pipelines less than 10 miles long!

"Jobs", politicians' candy-soma for media and constituents, are one thing. Purposeful jobs are another. The XL pipeline is not about jobs, it's about company profits on commodities that we have plenty of -- without the tar sands. As we replace fossil fuel commodity supply chains rife with GHGs (mine/drill, refine, store, transport, store, burn/spew) with green-house-gas-free alternatives -- NOW and over the next 30 years, creation of jobs IS the alternative energy supply chain (education, invention, skills, reduced cost of energy, environmental restoration).

A real jobs-creating alternative, elimination of all green house gas emissions for supply of regional electricity by 2040, let's figure out how best to supply and use the direct heat of the earth from pipelines less than five or ten miles long -- straight down! -- AND improve energy conservation, on-site solar and wind -- NOW -- instead of giving free passes, risk-free profits, bonuses and subsidies to commodities corporations.

If all you want is jobs, ask your Congressman or mine, Sean Patrick Maloney, to vote for another war. "'Shock Doctrine' Americana: Endless War as the Ultimate Business Model; Disaster Capitalism on the battlefield and in the boardroom."

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