Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter to NPR re:"Boomers and Tech..." 11/25/2013

68 year old male. Your story on technology and "the elderly" in DC couldn't have been more deprecating to "seniors". Put young people from rural South Africa in the same position and you get the same results as you report for "seniors". New technology is new to those unfamiliar with it. John Kerry is 69 ... why didn't he attend the classes? Why can't young people drive a stick shift?

Just one of millions, I worked in publishing from 1972 till 2000. During that time (and after in other jobs) I led the charge to adopt appropriate technology as it developed -- from Linotype and proof-readers to pcs, macs, networks and websites -- mostly to save money and shorten production cycles. My first email system -- international, by the way -- you've never heard of. "My" "senior" writers and editors were eager to move on because it put them in better control of their product. (Too bad about "my" typesetters, proofers, runners and pasteup people.)

Recently I went to a birthday party followed by a dance club. I danced with a woman I had just met a week before for an hour or so in a crowd rocked by a great, live band. Surprised by her enthusiasm, I finally (and rudely) asked her how old she was. She hesitated just a second, smiled and answered, "I don't know." I only hope that more "senior-aware" seniors answer the same way. I don't know. And then you die.

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