Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chevron / Andy Revkin / NYTimes Dot Earth Comment

Addressing the implications of this donation has helped many of us to reflect on our personal commitment to the environment and the mission of the Beacon Sloop Club. Pete Seeger's admonition, "Get 'em to the River, and they'll take care of it" is the foundation of the Club's free summer evening sails on a replica wooden ferry sloop Pete donated for the purpose 30 years ago ... and for our three summer festivals in Beacon's Riverfront Park. (Pete created that from a junk yard!) Please visit the BSC site, the Club and the festivals to keep BSC sailing!

BTW: the donation was given in the name of one of the Club's Captains -- whose dedication to the Club & local environment is second to very few -- through his participation in the Texaco cleanup. This added another dimension to the consideration.

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As Connie Hogarth says above, the Beacon Sloop Club is one of Pete Seeger's legacies. Its value is in the treasured mission he leaves it: "Get 'em in the River, and they'll take care of it." Free evening sails for everyone in the summer months, three festivals of music and community in Beacon's Riverfront Park -- created on top of a city dump with Pete's urging ... all were created, are maintained with and require continuous funding. This donation has helped the Club focus on the values that go along with maintaining and growing the vessels and community that spread Pete's message.

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