Monday, January 13, 2014

Iran sanctions ... Politics, Money, Power ... Not Policy

I continue to believe the sanctions against Iran are political, not substantive. Except for "defensive offensives" during the 80-88 war with Iraq when thousands were killed on both sides as a result of the US-backed Iraqi invasion, Iran has invaded nobody. Iraq, not Iran, used chemical weapons. Like any other country, its self-interest has ruled its relations and trade with others. Its posture has been necessarily defensive since the revolution in which several thousand were killed by the Shah and hundreds by the current regime. Sanctions?

Who processes uranium for nuclear power or "weapons-grade" material? US, Russia, China, N. Korea, Israel, France, Iran, UK(?). Who has nuclear weapons? US, Russia, China, Israel, N. Korea. Where are the sanctions against the first four? Where are the discussions? US makes treaties to satisfy economic interests, and the economic slaves follow. If Iranian oil were to enter the market, the price would go down. Guess who doesn't like that free market.

Why not sanction Chevron (incl. Texaco) till it cleans up Ecuador and all the other messes it's made around the world? Actual messes, not theoretical, including those in and surrounding our Gulf?

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