Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beacon Stranglehold

The Beacon (NY) Free Press ran a story in the 01/01/2014 edition starting with "Now that the Democrats have a strangle-hold on the City Council ...". Using "stranglehold" in this context is insulting and inflammatory, certainly not journalistic. Council members earn respect not because of their party, but because of what they do.

Is there anyone who's against "smart growth"? Anybody not want the Council to be "proactive on future development and planning"? What's smart? What's dumb? We, the people of Beacon, Democrats or Republicans, have to let the Council know. It's their job to listen. And its our fault if they don't.

And it's the job of The Beacon Free Press to report what's going on ... objectively.

Vane Lashua

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