Monday, March 3, 2014

Geologists are Sooo Boring!

Project Apollo provided much more than a few trips to the moon. It inspired extraordinary technological innovation and economic development.

A similar effort dedicated and focused finance for research, engineering and development, geothermal energy can provide virtually all grid-based electricity less expensively and green-house-gas-free, eliminate environmental impacts of fossil fuel "externalities" AND generate enormous technological and engineering spin-offs. To bring that message directly to a broad "civilian" audience -- voters, legislators and investors -- I am working on a book explaining and demonstrating the extraordinary benefits of this largely misunderstood and dismissed resource.

Its intent is to communicate the ignored, unrecognized -- and often suppressed -- benefits of generating electricity from deep geothermal energy directly to those who can make it happen. It is based on excellent scientific, engineering, research and financial analytics from the Geothermal Energy Association, DOEnergy, Cornell, Stanford, MIT and other professional geological and engineering resources.

I would be honored to present work on this project and geothermal energy in general or to invite others more directly articulate.

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