Monday, September 22, 2014

World Peace? Carbon Reduction? End slavery.

Women are slaves to an old model, men are convinced that the model still works and who'd wanna change it anyway? Men hunt, gather & provide sperm and women are their slaves ... cook the food, tend the garden, have the kids, make the home where we can provide the sperm. We've created a wonderful world, eh?

When we first became human, our model was our ancestors'. Males hunted & gathered and protected the food and females from other males -- because we couldn't have children and didn't carry the burden. We came home, lived in tribes and made up myth and religion to reinforce the model, part of which is "we're better than the other guys" whoever that happens to be, and "we'll show them if they don't believe it."

We invented weapons & money, so our success could be measured and enforced somewhere besides at home. Once in a while a Cleopatra or Elizabeth came along, filled a male role but didn't change a thing. Where are the medicine women? The chiefs?

Today in our more open world, we just put (or let) a few women in combat to show how inclusive we guys are, and the women come along. ("combat" being MBAs, soldiers, pilots, a few legislators, governors, cabinet ministers and workers in the street department.)

World Peace? Carbon reduction? Nah, the profit's too good in the Warmongers Industrial Complex (formerly the Defense ...). We can't let down our defenses. We're better than they are. We deserve to profit. After all aren't we a democracy?

Fossil fuels are not "energy". They are produced for profit by the Commodities Industrial Complex. They're not going to stop being sold for profit unless the slaves revolt. But don't they provide defense, helping to eliminate ISIS, ending disease, poverty and starvation?. No ... they create profit.

We guys aren't going to change. How about a slave revolt and a change in the model? Who makes the weapons? Who uses them? Who decides "on what"? Who profits from them? Us guys.

So who's gonna change it? Certainly not King CONG (coal, oil, nukes, gas). It's those of us who want to take advantage of our slaves and end slavery. Wait a minute. Doesn't that mean we guys have to do something, too? OMG.


Vane Lashua said...

Out of the 50 wealthiest people in the world, who are women? Of all of them, who didn't inherit most of it?

Vane Lashua said...

We are not "stewards" of the planet ... as heard on the radio