Monday, December 22, 2014

God, An Essay ...

.... [from a facebook message]

"... God of the Old Testament picked His chosen people jealously and chastised them with a one track mind, so to speak, to respond obediently to His commandments. He chastised them brutally sometimes always preserving His remnant. I think the heathen who were to suffer by "rod and prod" had no knowledge of the "One God" God and thus had opportunity to have that awareness imparted to them when they had come to the utter limits of their spiritual resources and have the opportunity to relate to a God above all of their gods."

It simply illustrates the arrogance and egotistical nature of any religion. "Mine is the One". God and gods are simply myth objects that are used to communicate principles of the tribe -- and often to benefit its promulgators & leaders. Humanity are all "God"'s chosen people. A jealous god would seem to be a pitiful god. The laws of the universe are "God", way beyond our control or comprehension. Our beautiful species, like any other, simply exists because of those laws. Because of our extraordinary ability to use our environment, use tools and intelligence to communicate, convince and control others, some of us have taken advantage at the expense of others. [to be continued]