Monday, June 22, 2015

Post Millenial Dictionary

caught pron. caw as in "fish caw along the river"
didn't pron did'ent' as in "he did'ent' see me"
that pron tha' as in "tha' he caw... "

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Note to nrg

In the long run .. where you imply nrg is interested ... I hope you have investigated and invest in geothermal electricity production. Geothermal electricity production is the most reliable, has the least environmental impact and produces the least CO2 and methane compared to any fossil fuel production system and the so-called "alternatives" -- including solar electric. Over its production lifetime, it is also the least costly (!). see references.

Commodities trading and using production facilities in place -- regardless of their environmental impact -- is much more profitable today than investing in environmentally "friendly" electricity facilities. As long as there is no fair cost penalty for polluting the atmosphere, using commodities makes economic sense. So did slavery.

What's missing? Research. Yeah, you can find heat enough along the earth's faults and its volcanic resources. But, the missing link is investment in research into deep drilling and generation. "There is unlimited energy less than 10 miles from everywhere on earth." Now, go get it. You want a 30-year investment with millennial returns? Figure out how to put the generation where the heat is and pump electrons to the grid ... free for life. I do go on.