Saturday, July 11, 2015

50 Years Ago

Reflecting on my 50- & 49-year-ago rides, 1968 graduation and those gathered yesterday to watch this year's Little 500 bike race (:-(postponed), I was the oldest person in the bar. The second oldest graduated in 1978. Everyone else was from 2005 or later.

Then I tried to think what "50 years ago" meant to me when I rode in that race ... 50 years ago was 1915! Pre-WW ONE! OMG! THAT, then (and now!) was really OLD! It's humbling to imagine what the 2014 grad thought of 1965!

An aspect of "perception of age" I hadn't considered much -- that continually changes it dramatically -- is the spectacular increase in communications tools. How has perception of history -- and age -- changed because of electricity (widespread use, of course), cameras = photographs, movies, airplanes, transportation (cars, manufacturing tech., diesel, trucks, paved highways, interstates ...), tertiary education, records, radio, printing technology (magazines, newspapers with pictures), television, computers, copiers, satellite communications, magnetic tape, email, internet, cable, gps .... ?

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