Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Coast Guard Hudson River docking proposal ... how to comment.

Tracking number: 1k0-8qtq-v0fk

The proposed Newburgh docking area across from Dennings Point State Park and bird sanctuary is directly intrusive in the culture of the area.

Dennings Point and the hiking trails connecting it to the surrounding natural areas use the whole aspect of the last 40 years of Hudson River cleanup to educate visitors and friends in natural water management. Yes, the Hudson is a commercial highway, but it is also a treasured natural resource.

Why not put the anchorages near the fossil fuel plants upriver? Yes, the oil storage facility at Newburgh is commercially important, but it is "deliver and go". The Beacon-Newburgh "bay" is a frequently used area for environmental education, pleasure boating, entertainment and scenic views.

I am a member of the Beacon Sloop Club and Clearwater both of which use these waters for environmental education, sailing skills training and public enjoyment. Their work and that of their founder, Pete Seeger, have been instrumental in the implementation of the Clean Water Act and the clean up of the Hudson. Today, River Pool at Beacon floats in the Hudson where the water has become clean enough to swim. I return on August 6th for my eleventh Newburgh to Beacon Swim in support of that effort.

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