Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A new, Earth-like planet!!!

One of the weirdest phenomena today is the focus on the discovery of an "earth-like" planet circling a star 5 light years away. Or, occupying Mars!  We -- humans for the next 1000 years or so -- won't be able to jump aboard an escape ship and go anywhere more beautiful and suited to our species than Earth. We evolved HERE, on Earth and are so overly successful that we're ruining it for the future. Now, "ruining it" just means for our species and thousands more. Life on Earth will evolve as it has for a few billion years with or without us. If we keep multiplying and creating unabsorbable Stuff at the rate we are, our future as a species won't last long enough to get to another millenium. Sooner or later "we"'ll only be living in "survival suits". Again, it's no "emergency" today -- only for those in the future (our children's children?). Who cares?

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